Head Standing

Life is like head standing 24 / 7.

It's summer and I can't go out. It's summer and I can't swim in the ocean. It's summer and I have to wear covering clothes. It's summer but dark at night.

But I love head standing. Is this the so-called irony of life? 

Say YES to unknown

I did and it got me to Bamaga. Where? My thought exactly. Bamaga is a small indigenious community along with four others; Injinoo, Seisia, New Mapoon and Umagico located in the Northern Peninsula Area at the very tip of Australia. Basically, if you go any norther you will end up in Papua New Guinea. The population is less than 800 hundreds and the majority are Islanders from the Torres Strait and Aboriginals across Cape York. 

Sometimes saying yes to things that might be scary leads you to the most amazing adventures. For me the last few year's have been like a hurricane. There were times I felt like my life is too exciting for me. This all is because I have been saying yes to new and unknown things.

I met my husband two years ago in a small island in Thailand. I fell in love immediately and I knew in my gut this is it. We have worked hard and made many compromises to be able to achieve what we have today. I always tried to see the positive sides of international relationship such as having dates all around the world. Everyday life is of course quite different, but luckily we managed to spend more time together than apart in a year. Finally only three months ago I packed my bags and life in Finland and moved to Australia.

My story is just an example what can happen when you are willing to jump and trust your inner voice. It has not been easy and I am not saying that everyone should act the same. For me one of the major guidelines in life is: If you might regret for not doing it, always do it. Even if it would freak you out. It is better to act than regret for the undone. And if I am honest, sometimes we consider with my husband whether it was a mistake to come here. I was given the choice to choose. If I had said no, I would have always second guessed. So at the end I still feel that I am gaining a great adventure, learning a lot of myself and my surroundings and experiencing things not many have the opportunity.

Life's journey is full of surprises. So let us enjoy of them.

From Bamaga with the Finnish spirit.

Love, Ida